V2.1 | 2005 hearing colour

A self styled four piece rock band formed in the year 2000 whilst the Singer and Guitarist were at university together in Derby. In the early days, it was all about writing songs with intention of just making music. Now based in the Mansfield area, they are still writing but with more thought and melody and with the intention of playing to an audience.
Buckers is the latest edition to Hearing Colour - he joined in September 2004. Brought with him a smooth style of drumming he allowed Hearing Colour to move into a new era, since Si, the previous drummer, had to depart the band. The bassist, Danny C, who joined November 2002, has influenced the band with a down to earth old-fashioned rock groove.
The band members, all self taught and been in other groups, bring their own style of playing. This adds to the overall contrast culminating in a wider range of songs and performance.
Whilst writing their own songs the band also takes time to learn their favorite covers and give them the Hearing Colour make over. Covers have included James, The Levellers, Queen, but now are based around the post grunge movement, copying bands like Foo Fighters, Therapy, Greenday…
Having played to audiences in Leeds, Nottingham and Worksop the band hopes to keep gaining friends in other towns. Building up a following to allow them to keep doing what they love.
hearing colour